Don’t Panic It’s Just A Needle

Today I presented my first piece of design work from semester two titled, ‘Don’t Panic Its Just A Needle’.  The theme was “Panic” and so I came up with the idea to target people who panic when they have to get a vaccination or blood test. The arrangement of text is slightly inspired by the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters that have had interest to many over the past few years. The text has a wabble effect to represent a worrying patient. The flowing circles in the background represent white blood cells but also look visually pleasing. Finally, the cool blue tones are meant to make a patient feel relaxed and at ease when looking at the poster.

Don't Panic Its Just A Needle Poster

I think when I presented my poster to my class, it went down really good. Everyone understod the concept and liked how I have placed it all together. A suggestion was if the injection at the bottom actually had to be the scale it is and maybe it would look more effective if it was smaller. What do you think?


What Do You Think?

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