Watercolour Obsession!

In regards to my Summer Time List post, I wanted to do more creative things during my Summer break because I don’t want to enter my second year without doing anything productive. It would be pointless of me to carry on with my degree if I didn’t do anything.

On my ‘to do’ list I wanted to get back into more traditional art. So the other night I was home alone, the boyfriend was out with his friends so I decided to finally use my 6 year old unopened wooden art set box. The watercolour paint blocks where ok where as the brush was awful to use! Nevertheless I produced this watercolour and pencil painting of a daisy.

My Mum and Dad visted me the following morning and really loved this painting that they wanted to hang it up in their house. It now lives on their kitchen wall. I did feel a little proud seeing at their house :)


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