Don't Panic Envelope Pack

Today I finally found most of my work that I did during my first year of University. My first year was full of weekly projects to help get use to meeting brief deadlines. The Don’t Panic brief was based on Don’t Panic UK‘s popular and widespread free pack that usually contains event flyers, product samples, and the usual Don’t Panic poster that some of the greatest creative people have designed. Each new pack is always a surprise as to what’s inside and who has designed the poster. This particular project was to design a front and back envelope pack that would make someone keep it.

I decided to launch myself into the art and design world as a new and upcoming graphic designer. Each pack distributed would be lino printed by myself to ensure enough reasons for someone to hold onto the pack in case the graphic designer (me, that they wouldn’t have known upon holding my pack) actually made it big time. Perfect if I don’t say so myself!

After researching past Don’t Panic pack designs, I decided that my lino print would be of my actual hand print with abstract finger print marks called, ‘Handprints Never Lie’ to make it more personal to a potential collector. After making the pack envelope with brown paper for that authenticity look of a pack and etching my lino print design I was able to press prints to produce my final outcome.

Don't Panic Front of PackDon't Panic Front of PackDon't Panic Back of PackDon't Panic Back of Pack

This project has to be one of my favourite ones of my first year because I truly enjoyed the whole process and very happy with the end result. I would love to know what you think? Any future tips are more than welcome.

Thanks for reading! x  

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