Glitter Hair Video Sting #1

After learning the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and watching a few slow motion techniques on YouTube, I have finished editing my first video sting.

Just to recap, this video project for University involved me producing two sting ads lasting no more than 15 seconds each to a client of my choice. I have chosen schwarzkopf to be my client (if you represent Schwarzkopf, and like this video I’d love some freebies, thanks!) and each theme is about looking a million pounds (with a touch of glitter) for using their hair products.

I’m really pleased with this video because I have never filmed in a studio before, let alone edited film and everything. I really hope you enjoy my first video sting!

Video credits include: Jade Wright (model), Terry Railton (hair stylist) with music by Agnes – Loaded (2012).

Glitter Hair Video Sting #1 from Adam Nelson on Vimeo.

I’m editing the second video now so I cannot wait to share that with you soon!
Thanks for reading x

  1. This is AWESOME! could totally see this on tvGreat work KJ x

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