Hull Streetlife Museum App Interface Development

I’ve been working on my museum apps user interface design tonight. I’ve managed to vector the a basic design for first screen of the app which is the front of G. Stevens sweet shop. I added a glowing effect to the door for a user to know that it is click-able.

Hull Streetlife Museum Interface Development

Hull Streetlife Museum Interface Development

I also made tracks on the welcome page (screen 2) which introduces a user to the museum app. I wrote up some words to make the interface look realistic and informative as best I could without ‘banging on’ to bore the user.

I think I’ve made a good start with designing it so far. I know that once all the screens have been designed, I will be able to make adjustments such as choosing the right typefaces throughout, refining the colour scheme and overall attractiveness to the interface.

Thanks for reading – stay tuned for more progress! :)


  1. This is really sweet! (pardon the pun) I really like the paneling on the second screen as the background it looks really striking with the red text x

    • Lol, I might try putting in a few puns while blogging about this project, would be funny just for me alone haha!
      And thank you :) – Do you think the bg would look ok on the first one if the front of the shop was scaled down a little? x

      • haha :) Yeah it might do actually, or you could try it so the cladding with just a few strips on the left/right sides maybe? x

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