My Portfolio Website

We where asked to create a portfolio website for ourselves to show our work to potential employers and people with the same enthusiasm towards graphic design. I decided straight away that my website would need it’s own domain and not use a sub-domain you get from free website building sites such as Wix and Moonfruit.

I’ve always been interested in web design as well as graphic design from a young age and have created a few websites in the past. I decided that I would install WordPress onto my domain sever so I could use their content management system and customise the look of my website by using free WordPress themes. I am currently using a free theme which shows my sites like a portfolio. I do plan to customise the layout more to make it more of my own, but for now this is ok.

Adam-Nelson-Design-Portfolio-WebsiteI’ve added a logo that I’m currently using for my identity with a grey background that isn’t in your face as I think it’s best to not distract the viewer from looking at your work. I have also categorised my work into student work and work so people eventually see what I did at university and then see what I’ve done during/after. Finally, I added a plug-in which shows social media link so the viewer can share my work across different social networks if they wish.

To visit my website its: – Hope you have a look!


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