A3 Lyric Poster Development

For a short project I was asked to create an A3 sized lyric poster with certain constraints such as using only 1 colour (including its tonal range and black and white), two typefaces and no pictorial elements meaning it had to be a typographic poster. The lyric poster had to be a favourite song, so one of mine is N-Trance’s Set You Free – which always gets me raving like a loony when it comes on in a club!


First set of development designs.


Second set of development designs experimenting with colour arrangments.

With further advice from my tutors, it was agreed that I needed to make a few adjustments such as making the type bolder and bigger by a few points and that the red design shows the meaning of the song more. I also added a few adjustments that I thought could improve my design such as experimenting with the emphasised areas of type and making the poster more realistic by including appropriate sale elements.

N-Trance Set You Free Lyric Poster by Adam Nelson

Final lyric poster for N-Trance’s Set You Free with suitable elements for sale.

Hope you like it and thanks for reading!


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