As it’s Valentines Day, I was looking for something interesting to post on here and stumbled upon some of Katharine Asher’s illustrations. I had to showcase these lushious red lips to suit it being Valentines day and all!

Katharine Asher Red Lip Illustration

Katharine Asher has said:

I have worked as a freelance within illustration and design for many years, specialising in figurative work. My early formal training at Harrow College of Art focused on strong traditional drawing skills, the ability to think in three dimensions and a thorough understanding of anatomy and movement. This has proved to be the backbone of my skill base, enabling me to attract work from a wide variety of commercial sources from publishing and advertising to film.

Katharine Asher Red Lip Illustration

I really like the strokes in her drawing and also the dashes of colour that overlap and run into each other. If you like these illustrations you should definitely search for more of her stuff. I couldn’t find an official website for her but if anyone knows it I would like to know, thanks!