Personal Work

It’s that time again where I find myself wanting to paint, late at night. I decided to paint this cute teddy bear. I know it’s not the best painting (because the outline looks very childish, which im gutted about!) but I thought I would still share it with you guys.

I wanted to show the process incase it was going to look fab, but you can be the judge of that. 


It’s been a few days since I got back from Spain of a brilliant and well deserved holiday with my lover and family. Besides sun bathing on the lovely beaches, sipping cocktails and visiting PortAventura for a thrill seeking day we also did some sight seeing.

We visited Barcelona, La Pineda, Tarragona and of course Salou, which is where we stayed. During our explorations I managed to see various statues, sculptures and lot of bloody graffiti! The Spannish must love a good name tag here and there.

Almost didn’t see this crazy piece of graffiti whilst walking around Tarragona.
Metal zebra patterned frame attached to appartments in Barcelona. Love this!
The famous La Sagrada Família church in Barcelona that was started by Antoni Gaudí in 1883.
Roy Lichtenstein’s Barcelona Head sculpture.
Finally, Javier Mariscal’s giant Lobster!

So it seems like I have creativity bursts late at night. I fancied doing a new watercolour painting, especially as my paint and brushes I ordered had arrived. I had to test them out!

Flower Pot Watercolour Painting

Again, I fancied painting flowers, I feel this is easing me into doing this type of art. I’m not the best painter but I hope you like it in some way. I think by me showing everyone what I’m doing is helping me in some way to be more confident about what I do/produce. I would love to eventually try and do some watercolour paintings like Katherine Asher (below), because I love her work!

In regards to my Summer Time List post, I wanted to do more creative things during my Summer break because I don’t want to enter my second year without doing anything productive. It would be pointless of me to carry on with my degree if I didn’t do anything.

On my ‘to do’ list I wanted to get back into more traditional art. So the other night I was home alone, the boyfriend was out with his friends so I decided to finally use my 6 year old unopened wooden art set box. The watercolour paint blocks where ok where as the brush was awful to use! Nevertheless I produced this watercolour and pencil painting of a daisy.

My Mum and Dad visted me the following morning and really loved this painting that they wanted to hang it up in their house. It now lives on their kitchen wall. I did feel a little proud seeing at their house :)