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Hello, I’ve decided to stop posting about my work and designs on this blog and move across onto a sub-domain of my portfolio website. This move makes customising my blog a lot easier and with more freedom. Please visit my new blog and bookmark my new address so you don’t forget. Thanks!



We where asked to create a portfolio website for ourselves to show our work to potential employers and people with the same enthusiasm towards graphic design. I decided straight away that my website would need it’s own domain and not use a sub-domain you get from free website building sites such as Wix and Moonfruit.

I’ve always been interested in web design as well as graphic design from a young age and have created a few websites in the past. I decided that I would install WordPress onto my domain sever so I could use their content management system and customise the look of my website by using free WordPress themes. I am currently using a free theme which shows my sites like a portfolio. I do plan to customise the layout more to make it more of my own, but for now this is ok.

Adam-Nelson-Design-Portfolio-WebsiteI’ve added a logo that I’m currently using for my identity with a grey background that isn’t in your face as I think it’s best to not distract the viewer from looking at your work. I have also categorised my work into student work and work so people eventually see what I did at university and then see what I’ve done during/after. Finally, I added a plug-in which shows social media link so the viewer can share my work across different social networks if they wish.

To visit my website its: – Hope you have a look!

It’s been a few months since I’ve been trying to create my online presence so with a new year at University recently started I’m going to try harder to promote myself in as many ways as I can.

First of all, I have been creating my professional portfolio website so that potential clients, employers, friends and family can see finished University projects and freelance work I have created. I’ve not finished every page of my website yet so I’m currently just showing a temporary homepage sign that lets everyone know that it’s still being designed and where they can keep in touch with me.

Website Homepage Sign
My temporary homepage sign.

I’m really looking forward to having a fully working portfolio website showcasing my best design work. Stay tuned for more news!

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It’s always difficult knowing how to start a blog and what the first post should be about. All I know is that I have started this blog to try and document and showcase things that go on in my life, more specifically towards graphic design. Afterall, I want to be a graphic designer and make a good life for myself and family.

I’d like this blog to be updated with posts showing what designs I have made for university and to also show other peoples work that captures my eye. There might also be random pictures of my cat called Joey, who knows, lets just see what happens!